Thursday, December 18, 2014

We need a little Christmas

In my house growing up, Christmas was and is a big deal. Beginning the morning after Thanksgiving my dad would go by a tree (sometimes my brother and I tagged along). My mother would start undecorating the fall decorations and begin the process of putting up the Christmas decorations. This was an all day project (and still is). That evening my siblings (and later siblings in-law) would gather and we decorate the tree while watching Lucille Ball in the musical movie adaption of MAME.

This is kind of an epic musical with great music and not great, but fun singing. Bea Arthur and Lucille Ball have a great duet called "Bosom Buddies."

Of course the reason this movie became a family tradition is the song "We Need a Little Christmas."

If you need a break from the crazy of the Holiday season give yourself 2.5 hours and watch this great classic, Have a great holiday season!