Thursday, September 28, 2017

Music (videos) of the Renaissance

I had the great privilege of directing a Madrigal choir for 6 years. The Elizabethan Syngers (Minnesota) is an auditioned community ensemble that primarily provides choral music for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. They perform in full Madrigalia Costumes and have a lot of fun while making great music. Here is a music video of their renaissance setting of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.
As director of the Lincoln Choral Artists I proposed a concert of Renaissance music and I can't wait for the performance on Nov. 5.

I have always loved the music and cultural significance of the European Renaissance Era. Below is a great video about the era. It's funny and fun. I do wish there mention of how influential the music of the era played into the development of culture and music. But it's still a great watch.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Collaborate, Create, Succeed!

Lincoln Choral Artists has always been a community-based, semi-professional choral organization that collaborates and combines concerts and events with local and regional organizations. This is one of our great strengths!

From it's beginning as the Lincoln Civic Choir, joint efforts between local orchestras, other choirs, and ongoing relationships, including the long-standing relationship with Nebraska Wesleyan University have allowed the choir to succeed.

I think the energy and drive to make concert events that incorporate ideas and music from multiple sources both reflects and sits in opposition to our human experience.

Our world is filled with diverse and ever-changing cultures, music, art, politics, and communities. We all push back sometimes on the pressure we may feel from change or difference.

I think LCA succeeds because we work to push ourselves to experience new, old, and different people, places, and styles as we develop our concerts.

Our first concert is no exception. We continue to collaborate with Nebraska Wesleyan for our rehearsals. Barron Breland, who directs the Creighton University choral program and the River City Mixed Chorus in Omaha will join us for a rehearsal. RCMC is Omaha's GLBTA Chorus! Dedicated to "Creating exceptional musical experiences to support diversity, inspire change, and empower communities." 

We will be performing in one of Lincoln's premiere performance and worship spaces, the Newman Center. We will collaborate and create music with two excellent ensembles: the Lincoln Early Music Consort and Dulches Voces. Both of these groups focus on music of the Renaissance. The entire concert on Nov. 5 will also be filled with music of and inspired by this musical and cultural period. This music still informs modern composition and performance. Ancient traditions, 20th and 21st century harmonies, and 3 ensembles plus organ will combine to create an entire experience of music.
A Choral Continuum: Retrospective

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Epic Piece! Performing the first movement of Carmina Burana

Few opening measures of music are as recognizable as Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. The "O Fortuna" blows the top off of any performance space. I am very excited for LCA to perform this movement at our first concert of the season. A Choral Continuum: Retrospective, Sunday, November 5, 2pm at the Newman Center in Lincoln 

Below are some choice performances and spoofs of this great music!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Beginning: A new Season Starts!

I am so excited for the 38th Season of Lincoln Choral Artists. All of our board committees have been working hard. New members and more Choral Scholars have joined the choir. Last week We started off with a great rehearsal! And our season is full of unique and different experiences starting with A Choral Continuum: Retrospective Concert. This concert will feature special guests Dulches Voces and the Lincoln Early Music Consort. All of the music is influenced by the Renaissance Era. We will be singing (and playing!) in one of the most visually stunning and acoustically beautiful spaces in Lincoln, St. Thomas Aquinas Church (Newman Center). For more info about the concert check out our website and face book page!

Website with Concert Information

Our Facebook Page!

I can't wait for tonight's rehearsal! Come join us!