Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"InChoir" Event 2016, We had so much fun last year...

You are invited!
On April 14, 2016, come to the "In Choir" Event and sing with the Lincoln Choral Artists as we prepare for our spring concert on May 13.
Choral singing has the power to draw diverse communities together in a common musical experience. This program enables participants to get acquainted with great choral music by singing side-by-side with members of the Lincoln Choral Artists at a working rehearsal.
More than simply a rehearsal, "In Choir" events are stimulating, engaging choral experiences designed to illuminate music and text while revealing the historical and cultural influences that shaped their creation. Deliberately blurring the line between artists and spectators, "In Choir" creates opportunities for participants, at any level of musical ability, to get inside the rehearsal process. Hosted and conducted by Artistic Director Jason M. Horner,  "In Choir"  participants experience close-up and first-hand the gratifying work that culminates in polished performances. 
This year's InChoir Event will include Beethoven's Choral Fantasy and selected Movements from the Brahms' German Requiem.
All "In Choir" Events are free and open to the public. Scores are available 30 minutes prior to the beginning of rehearsal. 
So come to the "In Choir" event on April 14 at 7:30 pm.
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Rogers Fine Arts, Second Floor Choral Rehearsal Room
Lincoln, NE 68504

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Choral Musings for St. Patrick's Day

Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This is yet another interesting and strange development in the secular American holiday cycle. Clearly there are great and strong roots for the origin of the day. But it has really just become another day for going to the bar and visiting with friends. Not bad  things, but maybe it loses a little of it's meaning. I like a lot of Irish folk and rock music. But there is also a huge amount of literature for choirs that comes from sacred and secular traditions that is out there for this celebration day. Below are some links to choirs and videos of groups making music for St. Patrick's celebrations. This list goes well beyond "O Danny Boy" and the "Irish Blessing." Both of which are beautiful texts with many arrangements, but have become rather cliche and over done.

Here are some other ideas, including my friend and colleague Phillip Stopford and his beautiful ensemble "Eccelsium."



Irish Choral Composer

The King's Singers " The Little Green Lane" 
Start at 46:06

The Indianapolis Children's Choir perform St. Patrick's Day Music