Monday, October 31, 2016

Sharing the Podium...Pt. 2 The Sacred Arts Homeschool Choirs

A few weeks ago I shared my excitement for having guest conductors lead my choirs. I had the opportunity to do the same for two of our guest choirs for the upcoming concert this Sunday, last week. I worked with Deo Gratias and Corem Deo Choirs from the Sacred Arts Home School Choirs, directed by Mandy Swanson. Here are some photos I took at the rehearsals as I watched Mandy warm up the choirs. The "older" singers are members of Lincoln Choral Artists

Sacred Arts Homeschool Choirs Website     To Purchase Tickets for Sunday's Concert, CLICK HERE

Thursday, October 20, 2016

College View Church: A gorgeous setting for a beautiful concert

I am so excited to have our first concert of this 37th Season at College View Church. 
College View has long historical connections to Union College in Lincoln as does LCA. 
Lincoln Choral Artists began as the Lincoln Civic Choir in 1979 and were featured as a part of the Lincoln Civic Experience that year at Union College. 
College View Church continues to host several events for the college and community surrounding the church campus. Please enjoy the photos below of this amazing space and Come Hear 
the Lincoln Choral Artists, 
with special guests 
the Lincoln Lutheran Choir and the 
Sacred Arts Home School Choir 
on Nov. 6 at 3pm.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sharing the Podium

I had the great joy last week of leading a rehearsal of the Lincoln Lutheran Choir and having Tom Trenney as a guest clinician at the Lincoln Choral Artists rehearsal.

Most every week, Mandy Swanson, our assistant director, does some rehearsal with the choir and our Choral Scholar helps with sectionals. I hand over the reigns and trust the hands of others often. I have shared my love and joy of choral music with ensembles that I have been invited to work with many times. And, like last Thursday, I have had the opportunity to watch colleagues, friends, and mentors work with ensembles I lead.

Each of these experiences is a growth moment for me, for the choirs I work with regularly, and the choirs I have visited. The strength of the choral ensemble comes from the "connectedness" we share in a common experience together. Our individual voices, strengths, and personalities join to become a new thing every week and every performance. Singers have the opportunity to grow by experiencing many conductors and leaders. Singers perspectives can change about the community of music that surrounds them as the world opens a little wider. I know that's how I have felt both as a singer in choirs and as a director "watching from the sidelines."

I am so very excited to watch the collaborations, conducting, leadership, and singing at our fall concert. I am proud to have 2 fabulous conductors with me on stage, Brett Epperson with LLC, and Mandy Swanson with LCA and Sacred Arts Home School Choir.