Thursday, December 10, 2015

What are your Holiday plans?

It's not really beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Nebraska. It's 14 days until Christmas Eve and it's 60 degrees outside.

We all know with that this can be a joy-filled, hopeful season for some and a difficult, stress-filled season for others. So let's talk about Dreams.

My day job as church musician keeps me active with many different people in the community connected to the church. I, of course, get to enjoy a number of excellent sermons, and this week the pastor focused on the promise and hope that can really only be felt when we open ourselves to the possibility of dreaming. We like to plan for the Holidays, to make our events meaningful, special, unique. But we often can get caught up in the grind of the plan instead of being open to the dream of peace and joy in the world.

"These are troubling times" can be heard all over the internet and 24 hour cable networks, and yes this is true. But the joy of the season can be a blessing in these time. Not as a way to mask our pain, but as a way to connect with the world, our communities, and our families. I can't wait to be inspired by the season. And I already have in some ways. Of course I am also counting down (7 days) until Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, but tonight I get to enjoy some dreams with the Lincoln Choral Artists as we sing carols and holiday favorites with the community at Eastmont Towers tonight, 6:30pm. So as a I sign off for a couple weeks I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a blessed New Year, and Happy Holidays to everyone!