Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Blues...

So it's been a minute since I've had a chance to write. The summer for LCA has been filled with meetings and a performance at the Haymarket Park in Lincoln. We had a great opportunity to sing for the Relay for Life event. We reprised the "Lambscapes" from the spring concert and led the national anthem for the opening ceremonies. It was a great success and such a  great way to support and be seen in the community.

Summer can be a strange time for choir directors. It's a needed break. This is great time for short term and long range planning and budgeting. It is a great time for revisiting the needs of the library of music. It's a time to attend conferences and visit with choral colleagues, a time to visit family from far away, and connect to the outdoors. For me that's on my motorcycle.
But all of these things can get old (well maybe not the motorcycle!) The routine of rehearsal and performance preparation is also just a part of a director's DNA. We thrive on it. I am very excited to get back to our regular routine. Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 with a great groups of hard working, excellent singing people. Until then come join us for a couple other events. You can see them on our facebook page!