Monday, December 23, 2019

Reflecting on a decade

My life has significantly changed in 10 years.

2010 teaching full-time in K-12 in MN, doing some church work, leading a renaissance group and a girls choir, some very hard personnel events and turned 30, got a niece
2011 made some big life decisions and went back to school full time for a Masters in Church Music
2012 surviving as a full-time student, enjoying building relationships with colleagues, and starting earnestly riding a motorcycle
2013 completed work on my second masters degree, made a huge life decision and moved to to Omaha, NE; Started a new job in a new city, bought my 1st Harley, got another niece
2014 accepted my position with the Lincoln Choral Artists, continued to build the program at my full-time church position, launched a fall start with LCA with 2 great concerts! Launched a Handbell festival in Omaha, had my first (and only!) motorcycle accident
2015 continued to have great concerts with LCA including the first GALA fundraiser, met the women who I will be marrying on Sunday, got a national act to headline the handbell festival, went on my first big Harley adventure with my best friend and best man (on Sunday) to Colorado
2016 took over the reigns of NCDA Church Choir festival, spent more and more time with wonderful woman!, did a great bike trip to Mecca (South Dakota), lots of conferences, lots of memories
2017 added Sing Omaha studio teaching to my jobs, accepted position as NCDA Music in Worship R & R chair, more great conferences, more wonderful memories and trips with soon-to-be wife; did another great bike trip with best man and his wife
2018 Got Engaged! Took a great trip to Milwaukee on the motorcycle with great friends!
2019 plans and plans and plans for wedding and honeymoon, solo bike trip, got a 3rd niece! (getting married on Sunday), accepted a job at Doane University, still doing all the jobs and making great music with some many great people.
I can't wait to see what happens in the next decade!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jason Horner, LCA Artistic Director