Monday, July 25, 2016

Come Join our Friends from Abendmusik in a two night community sing event! Elijah!

This is going to be fabulous!

Lincoln Choral Artists singers will be joining in the fun! Jason Horner, LCA Artistic Director, will be sitting in and singing with the Tenors at both performances!
Come and Sing Elijah!
First Plymouth, Lincoln, Wednesday

To the noble artist who, when surrounded by the Baal-worship of the false, has, like a second Elijah, employed his genius and his skill in the service of the true; who has . . . won [our ears with all] that is harmonious and pure — to the great master who has held in his firm control and revealed to us not only the gentle whisperings of the breeze, but also the majestic thundering of the tempest. — England’s Prince Consort Albert, in a note to Mendelssohn

Trinity Episcopal, Omaha, Thursday