Thursday, November 14, 2019

Christmas Time is Here: Chestnuts and celebrations

Our Nov. 3 Concert was a great success! Thank you for supporting the Lincoln Choral Artists and the Lincoln Civic Orchestra. We are looking forward to future collaborations with this group.

So what's next? It's the Holiday Season! I find myself a little less "humbugy" about hearing Christmas music early this year.

I, of course, am always rehearsing and planning Holiday music as early as August. But I try not to listen to music for fun until after Thanksgiving. This year has felt different. I'm not so annoyed when I hear the songs of the season in stores or that radio stations have switched to Christmas music right after Halloween. Some changed at midnight!

For our concert this year, we share the stage again with Bell-issimo. We are presenting familiar and beautiful songs of the season. "Chestnuts" as it were.

So please join us on Dec 12 @ 7:30pm, Holy Trinity Church in Lincoln, for our Holiday Concert:

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