Thursday, February 22, 2018

It's been a minute...

Yes this is the name of a popular podcast and outdated cultural phrase, but seriously it's been a minute since I wrote on this blog. So much has happened in the choir and world over these weeks. We have had some personal tragedies, we have had some excellent guest conductors, we have grown and shared as an ensemble. We have all struggled with larger events in society; shootings, politics, and trying to figure out how to care for each other. I've said before this choir is made up of individuals who come together to create something larger than themselves. Over the next week as we make final preparations for our concert, I am reminded of the journey we go on each and every concert series, season, and over the life of this ensemble.
Singing, and singing well, has been a driving motivation for the group as well as focusing on being active members of the community. I have done one interview so far for this upcoming concert. More are coming. And I keep the idea of moving from Darkness to Light at the forefront of my mind. Really, this group moves from change to change, which can feel like Darkness, but hopefully it reflects a light and joy that comes uniquely from singing together. I am excited for tonight's rehearsal. I can wait for next week's energy and joy as we make final preparations and bring this music to life for the community.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Feb. 8 Guest Clinician Rehearsal: Amanda Stevenson

I am so excited to have Amanda Stevenson come rehearse with LCA next Thursday. Having different faces, voices, and talent in front of the choir only enhances our performance. Amanda's experience with community singing, children's voices, and community development brings a different but very relevant set of ears to our sounds.

I have been lucky enough to serve on the Nebraska Choral Director's Association Board with Amanda during the past year. And I have been closely following the development and performances of the Omaha Children's Choir. Amanda and I have had multiple opportunities to "talk shop" about singing, community organizing, and social impact of arts on society. I can't wait to have her in front of the choir next week as we prepare for the March 4 Concert Fundraiser at the Royal Grove.

Below is Amanda's Bio and videos from the Omaha Children's Choir!

Amanda Stevenson Bio