Thursday, April 6, 2017

Faure Requiem

I am so excited to bring Fauré Requiem on stage again. I have conducted this piece a number of times. This time LCA is doing a reduced version, with organ, focusing on 4 movements; Introit and Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and In Paradisum. Last week, Matt Hill of Sing Omaha, was our guest clinician. He discussed with the choir that Faure intended this Requiem to focus on the joy of the life everlasting and not the sorrow or horror of death. This was in contrast to many of the most famous settings of the Requiem Mass Text:

Verdi's Requiem with it's terrifying descending figure in the Dies irae (day of wrath), or Mozart's setting of the Tuba mirum with solo Trombone (not terrifying, but epic). These are just two examples of the Dramatic nature of many Requiem settings. 

But Fauré searches for the beauty both musically and in selection of text. His choice of ending with the In Paradisum from the burial service, and not historically from the Mass of the Dead, points the audience toward a sense of hope. LCA's portions of the concert will end with this movement as well. We are blessed to have an opportunity to perform this work. I hope to add some more commentary to this discussion in the coming weeks.