Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's a New Year, Mid Season Auditions, Gala preparations

Happy New Year! Tonight LCA returns to regular rehearsals. I am always very excited about the beginning of a new concert cycle. We are really doing some fun music for the Crooners Over Lincoln concert on March 3.

This is a concert focused on 40s and 50s Jazz and pop styles. Some included titles are "The Little Organ Fugue" by Bach in the style of the Swingle Singers, "Over the Rainbow", and the "Java Jive."

I will be talking about many more of the details of this concert in upcoming posts. But today I wanted to talk a little about Mid-season auditions.

I love meeting singers in the audition process. Once we both get past the initial nervousness of meeting each other and I get a chance to learn about them as people and hear their voices, I am always excited to get them on board and singing with the group. Personality definitely influences the voice. It is not a determining factor in good singing, but more a person's personality is often reflected in their singing voice. This, I think, is true even in the "Unexpected Voice", the person who surprises me with their tone, color, or ability. Somewhere in their personae that voice lives. And when all the voices of this choir come together, and all the personalities join in singing, that's when the glory of choral music happens. The music has to be of good quality, but more importantly, people influence the performance in a positive way that creates a group personality unique to each ensemble.

I am very excited to start new music tonight. I am excited to hear new singers over the next few weeks as we have Mid-season auditions.
But mostly I'm excited to work with these personalities, these individual voices, to become one choir!

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