Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Having (more) fun at Choir rehearsal!

I sincerely hope that at every rehearsal singers enjoy, and even have fun, singing. So many people say that music lifts their soul and they feel better after having made music with others. We also work hard, trying to remove imperfection; trying to make music emotively and honestly. With this work can sometimes come a very serious attitude. This can be useful. We must always act professionally, treat each other with kindness, and be aware of each other in rehearsal. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun too! Here are some things we are doing this season to get to know each other, learn to care more about each other, and have FUN!

September 13 Fall Concert Rehearsal, ALMA MATER or Favorite Team Gear Day!


October 11 Fall Concert Rehearsal, Funny Hat, Tie, or scarf night! 

October 25 Fall Concert "Love is a Battlefield" Rehearsal, “Woo Your Lover” Night – we perform music for each other!

November 15 Holiday Concert Rehearsal, Comfort Food Night- Bring something to share during the break!

November 30, Holiday Concert Rehearsal, Ugly Christmas Sweater or Red and Green night!

February 14, Big Show Rehearsal, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAYBring some food to share!

March 14, Spring Concert Rehearsal  – Wear you favorite Choral or Music Gear!

April 4, Spring Concert Rehearsal – Share a Bite Night! Bring a snack to share!

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