Thursday, April 18, 2019

What donations, giving, and supporting does for an organization like the Lincoln Choral Artists.

There is this weird thing about organizations like the Lincoln Choral Artists. We cannot do what we do on our own. There are three major levels of participating that we require of our community to be able to survive as an organization.

First we require an Audience. Where does this audience come from? It comes from family, friends, and neighbors who support individual singers. It comes from a following of audience members who regularly attend our concerts because they enjoy and know the quality of event they will be a part of. It also comes from the curious, brave first time attendees. We hope these become regular attendees and supporters.

Second we require Patron Supporters, people who donate beyond the ticket price of a particular concert event and feel like they get back much more than they receive. We are indebted and dependent on this group. I hope we do as much for them as they do for us. This kind of participation is not just a financial giving. Sometimes it includes volunteering, donating items, or using spaces and places to create our events.

Third is our collaborating organizations and donors. These are people and groups that advertise with us, play music with us, and give financially in large amounts. Developing and maintaining relationships with this group is a high priority.

What do donations, giving, and supporting do for our organization? It allows us to sing, make music, create community, and bring joy to the world in a unique and creative way. It allows us to fulfill our mission: " serve the community by providing an excellent experience for our audiences and members."

I hope you will consider joining us at any and many levels. If you are a singer, please sing and give. If you are a family or friend of a singer, please continue to support and donate. If you are able to support this organization in large financial ways, we so very much thank you for your generosity and and hope that our relationships stay strong.

If you would like more information on how to support LCA visit:

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