Thursday, November 8, 2018

Getting Ready for 40!

With one concert under our belt, and a great concert it was, the LCA Board of Directors and myself are earnestly looking towards the future.

I am constantly balancing in my head the short term goals and tasks, season long ideas and concerts, and the longer term goals and aspirations for the Choir.

Next year LCA celebrates 40 seasons! (and we don't look a day over 29 😛)

It is very exciting! And though I am not a liberty to reveal much information I am excited to share a little of my own thoughts on what this means for the organization.

40 years is longer than the lifespan of about 1/3 of our singers. 40 years is just a little longer than the tenure of some of our longest serving singers. 40 years in the Lincoln Community has seen three conductors, a name change, and countless positive events and excellent concerts. (Actually our Historian, Kent Remmenga, would know how many concerts!)  We recently updated our website and there is some wonderful information about our history.

This is my fourth season with the ensemble. Each year I have seen and heard the choir grow and change. Each year I have grown and changed. I know that is something that will continue as we move ahead.

There are some fun and exciting things happening next season. I can't wait to tell you about them.

But also we are currently engaged in an incredible 39th season! Please make it a priority to see us in concert, support us as a member of the music and arts community in Lincoln and Nebraska, and reach out to us via social media. Your engagement and connection keeps us going. We can only offer great music and concert experiences through your support.

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