Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Organized Chaos: Concerts, planning, community

On Saturday we had a great concert! It was a day filled with rehearsal, making new friends and partners in music, and ORGANIZED CHAOS! With over 100 participants in the concert there is always a lot to make happen. With tons and tons of support from LCA leadership, singers, and partnering organization Sing Omaha, we had a successful day. There was beautiful music, a supportive audience, and a great time had be all (I hope!).

As we move forward into the holiday season and a concert on December 13 we again have some chaos as new music is handed out, old music collected, new seating arrangements, and new plans with a new venue and collaborations with old friends, Dulches Voces.

The life of a community choir (or any community organization I bet) has these ebbs and flows of chaos as a season or event is planned and executed. I am grateful for having so many supportive members of the choir and friends of the choir to help make these times of chaos as smooth as possible.

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