Thursday, October 18, 2018

What' Coming Up On the Concert? October 27, 2018, Holy Trinity Church, Lincoln, 3pm

Alright, you may be wondering, why is PAT BENATAR in this post? The LCA Fall Concert is titled, "Love is a Battlefield." LCA is exploring the way gender has and does play a role in relationships, romantically, socially, personally, spiritually. Helping LCA in the journey are the Sing Omaha Boys' and Girls' Choirs. This idea sprang up out of our Season Theme,  Modus Emotus: Exploring Human Emotion.

Pat Benatar's "angsty" love/ heartbreak 80s Rock Anthem touches on a few topics; youth, rejection, vigilance. Besides these emotions and concepts around love, LCA and Sing Omaha explore other relationship ideas.

In Ysaye M. Barnwell's "Wanting Memories" LCA deals with ideas of being comforted and wanting lost love and having regrets in the harsh reality of life. The Sing Omaha Boys reflect on the joy of love, so much love that you must sing. The Girls consider the silliness of a crush and depth of sorrow when someone you care about dies. LCA Women with the girls, reflect on the power of loving yourself for who you are inside, the strength you carry everyday. And the concert ends with the showstopper, "When Love Takes Over, " sharing the joy and excitement of love.

The choirs will "battle" it out throughout the concert and in the end join together to celebrate. Please come and join these great choirs on October 27th, 3pm at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lincoln, NE.

Please visit our Facebook event page for more info and purchase tickets online.

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