Thursday, October 4, 2018

Reflections on Collaborative Artistic Endeavors, Grants, and What Drives the wider community to our concerts

First of all I need to say, I have no answers here on any of the topics I listed in this blog title. Also each of those topics could be a separate blog post. In fact, each could be its own entire blog topic.

In the past I have mused about working collaboratively with other organizations. No concert ever happens in a vacuum. We are always working with a venue and its personnel, we often have guest musicians on our concert like our upcoming concert with Sing Omaha. There are also other connections and things that need to be weaved into the construction of a concert, a season, and a culture of a choir.

In my role, I straddle multiple endeavors to prepare for a concert. I view my primary job as rehearsing and preparing the choir to to their very best performance. But with that comes promoting the concert so there is a great audience to support the work and music of the singers. Behind that is a board of leadership who helps shape the structure of the concerts and the season, and brings in money like grants. Receiving any kind of funding requires expertise beyond my abilities. But being able to contribute to that effort is necessary.

Figuring out what will excite a community to support any given concert is difficult. Culture show us that music needs to be ever changing and growing. The experience of the concert needs to incorporate more than just watching a choir sing.

But the biggest factor in this endeavor is the joy and support of the singers. If I do everything I can do in my position and they work hard, do a lot of self promoting and inviting, it seems we can usually pull off this unique artistic mode of expression.

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