Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Refreshment, relaxation (maybe), and just a changed in schedule

I love my job with the Lincoln Choral Artists. I love the music we make, the community we build, and the joy we share in singing together. But I am also happy to be in a moment of repose from the the weekly schedule of rehearsal and upcoming performances.

I have spent sometime this week discussing with colleagues, singers, and LCA leadership what is coming soon. But I have also been reflecting on my own need to relax/ refresh in this period of down-time. I don't really know if relax is the right word. That's not really something in my wheel house. But my fiancé Hillary and I went to a baseball game last night. I'm planning a solo motorcycle trip to western Nebraska in mid-June. And Hill and I will make a quick trip up Minnesota to celebrate babies and weddings with family.

But I think the biggest thing that helps me wrap up and move into this season of reflection is simply the change in schedule. Not so many evening rehearsals, not so many work and performance demands, and time to engage my thoughts and hopes for the future. I am exciting about the return of the new season with Lincoln Choral Artists. I am also going to enjoy my time now as I prepare for that return.

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