Thursday, August 29, 2019

OMLCA! We Return, We Celebrate, We Move Forward

"Tonight's the night!" Tonight we gather together again. We reclaim our sacred space for making music. We work together to create and build community, like this organization has done for 40 years! I am so blessed to work with incredible people and musicians to create something unique. I hope the entirety of the ensemble feels similar. This is a huge season of celebration, of remembering, of collaborating and of moving ahead into the next 40 years!
And we have a new logo and theme for the season.

I am so excited to begin tonight. The beauty of Brahms, Copland, and other incredible musicians of the past will guide us in our celebration season!

Check out the season:

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Use our season hashtags: #LCA40 #LincolnChoralArtists #LCACelebration40 

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