Thursday, October 24, 2019

Catching up on posts... Alumni Choirs, College Kids, and crazy schedules

So I haven't posted in a couple week. My life has become a crazy train as the looming holiday season is coming. I also had the incredible opportunity to visit my alma mater and sing one more time with René Clausen and the Concordia College Alumni Choir. 
My fiancé had her first taste of October Moorhead snow and the craziness of my wonderful college friends. 
There was incredible music making and celebration. 
Quickly this was followed by more homecoming activities at Doane University and I my first concert with the Collegiate Choir. 
What a blast! Next was a week of catching up and working hard on holiday music planning.
This week got extra crazy as I help out a colleague to cover some more rehearsals. The LCA 40th Anniversary Season Alumni Choir meets tonight for the first time. And I am just blown over by all the amazing singers and players i get to work with each week in my varied jobs. Yesterday alone was Collegiate Choir, Doane Mass Choir, Kids' Christmas Program, Adult Choir, and Brass ensemble. Today is College kids again and the aforementioned alumni. I am blessed to have such great music (and a supportive fiancé).
Stay Strong! Sing On!
May the force be with you!

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