Thursday, October 3, 2019

So, a choir director gets in front of an orchestra...

Sounds, like a set up for a joke, right?!?!
Singers vs. instrumentalists, and "ne'er the twain shall meet..."
Some people even say singers vs. musicians... ooh, burn!

But I'm not writing today to stir up controversy. So many excellent musicians in community and volunteer groups are both singers and players, vocalists and instrumentalists, soloists and ensemble members. In fact, in my church choir one of the tenors sings in choir, plays in the praise team and brass ensemble, and does his own playing outside of worship.

No today's topic is conducting an orchestra. I am so blessed to have the opportunity this evening to work with and conduct the Lincoln Civic Orchestra. Rob Salistean, the LCO maestro, and myself are doing a director SWAP tonight.

As we prepare for the Brahms, the choir will have an opportunity to rehearse with the LCO conductor tonight. And I am being given a great opportunity to share my thoughts and my arms with the orchestra. I have had a number of opportunities to work with orchestras of many sizes and varying groups of instruments throughout my career. Tonight (and on our concert) I get to stand in front of 80 players, with strings, brass, and percussion. I get test my skills as a conductor. I hope to bring some enlightening ideas to the players on the music we will share. And I get to connect with another great selection of community members.

I know the fruits of our labors tonight will be seen on our concert, November 3rd. I am very excited to step onto the podium and create some wonderful music.

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