Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Podcast and Article for Inquiring Minds

Today I'm sharing a link to a great episode of a great Podcast "Choralosophy" hosted by Chris Munce.
Often articles and podcasts about choral music a directed towards Choir Directors. This episode, to me, seems to reach beyond directors to singers and even to audiences.

Episode 28: Can Pitches be Perfect?

This is a FASCINATING discussion with Donald Brinegar, author of the recently published “Pitch Perfect: a Theory and Practice of Choral Intonation.” Donald and I discuss the sometimes misunderstood concepts related to intonation and what makes something “in tune” or “out of tune.” Is it possible that we our education related to this topic has been lacking? I think it has been lacking for many, which is why I think this episode is so important. The conversation runs mostly along two tracks. The common misconceptions surrounding the mathematics of intonation as well as practical ways to bring concepts of intonation into rehearsals with singers of all levels.

I hope you enjoy this article and episode.
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